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Light housekeeping

If we want to help improve our members’ home support, above all, we want them to be able to do […]

Clothing and bedding care

It’s sometimes the little daily chores that take the most effort. Our clothing and bedding care service makes our members’ […]

Non-diet meal preparation

Our attendants are trained to cook simple, non-diet meals right at your home. Preparing or heating simple, non-diet meals; Cleaning […]

Shopping and other errands

Our attendants can visit the grocery store or the pharmacy to meet your needs. Our services are available Monday to […]

Heavy housekeeping

Our heavy housekeeping service meets specific needs that require physical effort that our members cannot undertake alone. The Cooperative therefore […]

Respite services

  Regular Respite The Cooperative provides regular and atypical at-home respite services to let caregivers have moments of rest and […]

Personal assistance services

The Cooperative offers personal assistance services including: Hygiene care; Changing incontinence briefs; Assistance with transport and travel. This service is […]

Social Geriatrics

  The Coopérative de soutien à domicile de Laval, in partnership with the Fondation AGES and the Laval healthcare network, […]

The happiness of some through the solidarity of others

The Cooperative seeks to combine the needs of its members and its staff so that each can provide the other with a better quality of life. To learn more about how we can help you, check out our complete service offerings.