Our vision

Our vision is quite simple:

                                    “People we help, a job we love.”

At the Coopérative de Soutien à Domicile de Laval, we believe that, with a little help, many elderly people or those struggling with a loss of autonomy can live for a long time in the peace and comfort of their own home.

We believe that, with a little help, we can all help make their lives sweeter, happier, and more enjoyable.

It’s this sort of assistance that we aim to provide. We join with all those who share with us this same desire to help, support, and take care, and we want to offer all our members the best quality of life that we can provide them.

At the Cooperative, this assistance may take multiple forms. But whatever service is required, it’s always offered with joy and enthusiasm, in a kind and respectful manner – firstly, because we have respect and consideration for all our members, and secondly, because we love our work. Our job isn’t always easy, but we love contributing to the well-being of our own, supporting them, lending them a hand, and, therefore, feeling useful.

Moreover, they return the favor. Through their openness, understanding, and solidarity with regard to the Cooperative’s dual mission, they allow us, in turn, to have access to good jobs within a strong, dynamic, and inspiring company.

In their own way, they also help make our lives happier, more rewarding, and more satisfying.

In addition, our corporate vision is one that we strive to achieve every day. It’s a vision that we pursue day after day, humbly, without pretense, but firmly committed to a cause that we truly hold dear.

                               “The happiness of some through the solidarity of others.”

The happiness of some through the solidarity of others

The Cooperative seeks to combine the needs of its members and its staff so that each can provide the other with a better quality of life. To learn more about how we can help you, check out our complete service offerings.