Our values

We hope to contribute to the well-being of our members by embodying the values that guide our actions each day and that drive us to accomplish the best for ourselves.


  • We help preserve the dignity of our members, our employees, and the people with whom we come into contact through courtesy, integrity, and confidentiality. A source of trust and openness, respect is also expressed through simplicity, transparency, and authenticity.


  • Made of rigor, perseverance, and ethics, this is what guarantees the quality of our services;
  • It means striving for excellence rather than ease; it means preferring the satisfaction of a job well done to carelessness; it means choosing to grow, evolve, and push past your limits.


  • This is the value that feeds the solidarity of our members and employees; it’s what transforms our intentions into actions and gives them all their meaning;
  • It means taking responsibility for the tasks assigned to us and ensuring the quality of our work.


  • This is the purest demonstration of our commitment to the mission and vision of the Cooperative. It’s often made of small gestures, but its effects can be enormous;
  • It’s the expression of an authentic and generous desire to help, to take care, to please… It shows our openness, our commitment, and our professional maturity.

Good humour

  • This is the expression of the state of mind that characterizes the culture of the Cooperative. At once a predisposition and a consequence of the values that precede it, it demonstrates the bonds established through respect, the pride that arises from our professionalism, the sense of belonging that we get from our commitment, and the shared pleasure that emerges from our benevolence;
  • It’s what makes the difference between a quality service to which a human dimension has been added and an ordinary service; between a work day like any other and a rewarding work day; between a job you do because you have to and a job you love.

The happiness of some through the solidarity of others

The Cooperative seeks to combine the needs of its members and its staff so that each can provide the other with a better quality of life. To learn more about how we can help you, check out our complete service offerings.