Our team

Administrative team

Gynet Seguin
Executive Director

Elaine St-Amour
Operation Director

Manon Bourget
Financial Controller

Cindy Ospedale
Administrative Director

Brigitte Bachand
Senior Coordinator

Jeannine Parenteau
Service Coordinator, Habitations St-Christophe

Jacinthe Therrien
Customer Services Team Leader

Mélissa Frenette

Gabrielle Miron
HR Counselor

Jacinthe Brochu
Senior Accounting Technician

Johanne Labrie
Accounting Technician

Jessica Aubin
Membership, Assignment and Heavy Housekeeping Coordinator

Jessica Robert-Charrette
Assignment Agent

Jean-Pierre Boucher
Heavy Housekeeping team Leader and Assignment Agent

Wendy Dafoe
Assignment Agent

Martine Page
Service Agent – Support

Julie Maurice
Customer Service Agent

Sonya Assouka
Customer service agent

Kim Girard
Customer service agent

Mélanie Cyr
Social Geriatrics Advisor

Chantal Auclair
Social Geriatrics Advisor

Stéphanie Fournier
Social Geriatrics Advisor

Jenny-Lynn Renaud
Social geriatrics advisor

Roberto Sosa
Head Chef

The happiness of some through the solidarity of others

The Cooperative seeks to combine the needs of its members and its staff so that each can provide the other with a better quality of life. To learn more about how we can help you, check out our complete service offerings.